Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Made a Quilt!!!!

That’s right. I Rachel Nicole Kocherhans Baker who is soooooooo not good at this sort of stuff made a quilt. NO!! I’m not kidding!! Well it was just a little baby quilt, but still…. I quilted!! It really ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be. I really can’t give myself too much credit. I owe a big thanks to my beautiful and talented friend Brittany Slesk for guiding me every step of the way. Brittany is the nicest person you’ll ever meet and she’s an incredible seamstress! She had faith that I could do this and somehow it happened. It’s been fun getting ready for a baby girl!! :)


Emily said...

I love reading as you catch up on your blog! Your boys are so cute. Great job on the quilt! I looks so good. I'm excited to hear about your new baby girl!

Nick and Carrie said...

Oh it turned out so cute! Great job!! I love it!

Michelle Walkenhorst said...

Wow! So Cute!