Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jesse’s Dance Concert

This was a really good day for Jesse! He did such a great job on his dance. Especially considering the rehearsal earlier that week when he totally shut down and wouldn’t participate. It made me really nervous for what was going to happen at his concert. His bedtime stories after that failed rehearsal and prior to his concert consisted of 2 contrasting stories: a little boy named Jesse who didn’t pull through for his class and teacher who ended up making himself and others feel sad, and the little boy named Jesse who tried his best at his concert, made everyone happy and proud of him, and got to go out for ice cream afterwards. The brainwashing worked because he participated and did his very best at his performance. It was also my birthday that day and that was about the best birthday gift he could have given me!!

Here's his little dance his class did for the concert. Sorry, I have no idea how to turn it the right way
(unless you're watching on your phone)so if you care to watch, you'll have to tilt your head sideways.

This is Jesse with his teacher Ms. Miriam. The awesome thing about this is that Miriam was my teacher when I was 5 …oh some 23 years ago. Crazy huh!!! Miriam is one of the many reasons I love BYU children’s creative dance. Do I want Jesse to be a dancer? No! I’d actually prefer he not be a dancer, (although I definitely wouldn’t mind if some of that dance experience gave him a leg up with his basketball skills someday J), but I love the things that they learn in this program and wanted Jesse to take part. I figured it was an education that would do him more good than an extra year of pre-school this year….and it was! Jesse loved going to dance every week and he loved his teacher!

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